Saturday, January 10, 2009

Name that quilt

Here we are......the last finishing touches just before finishing my labor of love. This quilt is for my oldest daughter, who picked out the fabric herself. The colors are beautiful together after the quilting.
I didn't think about naming or even labeling this quilt until reading about the importance for future generations on some other blogs. I have never made a label so I will be planning this and thinking how I want to do this. I would appreciate any tips for an easy label after the quilt has been completed.
Stippling was so much easier and relaxing using Polyester thread, my machine loves it!

Adding the binding was fun, I love this fabric.

Completed, hoooray!!!
For you, my sweet daughter!

Many of you have given me such inspiration and encouragement as I have worked on this quilt......
I would like to say how much I appreciate all of you, my blog friends.

I found that I needed visual reminders of the correct way to complete the binding and found volumes of treasure over at Quiltville

What an awesome lady! Thank you!

Another great blog is Bonnie Hunter's blog with so much helpful information and good stuff.
This is where I found instructions for quilt labels.

Have a Great Weekend!


Anonymous said...

I love the fabrics she chose for her quilt. It's very pretty.

randi---i have to say said...

This is beautiful! Gorgeous colors!

Sharon said...

What pretty colors! I'm sure your daughter will treasure this for many years to come - she's a lucky girl!! :)

Sandi said...

The quilt you made for your daughter is lovely. Beautiful fabrics used.