Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunshine and Scrappy Quilt

The weather has been wonderful today!! Not bad for the first day of February!!
Such a great day with warmer temperatures and we took a nice walk over the field behind our house to see the awesome view. Taking in the beauty of the majestic mountains and blue sky was such a sweet sight for a Sunday afternoon. Of course the funny thing is, not everyone would enjoy our little walk since it IS where our neighbor keeps his horses. hee hee. You gotta watch where you step. (:
Come on, it really was worth it!

I have several projects going.....the pinwheel quilt for my hubby along with a few hand stitching projects. But....I just had to start cutting those 2 1/2" strips for a "scrappy quilt" when I saw this over at Quiltville!

How easy and so cute. I really need something that requires no thinking, lol!! So, that's what I did this afternoon, began cutting those strips in lights and darks. Can't wait to start on the sewing tomorrow.

My youngest daughter and I begin a sewing class tomorrow that will be taught by one of the homeschool moms in our group.....we're excited!! Looking forward to the adventures that lie ahead for these sweet girls and moms who will be learning to sew together!

Have a Great Monday!

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AllyJo said...

What colors did you pick for your twist quilt? I can't wait to see what you did. I got all my blocks made today. I just have to sew my rows together tomorrow.

My daughter is taking sewing classes right now and she's loving it. She made me a much needed night gown last week. She's going to sew her gown for her homeschool graduation which will take place in May.

It was nice to meet you. God bless and take care. Keep in touch and show me your quilt.