Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Little Flag Quilt

One of my first "Little Quilts"

I have a funny little story to tell after reading Jeanne's blog about loosing her car keys.
A few weeks ago I had a ring at my door and lo and behold it was the electric company.
"Hello, may I help you" was my reply. The man answers with, "yes mam, I am here to turn off
the power." Whoooow, do what? Well, I actually said, excuse me....... here?
Well, long story short, after calling the company they didn't turn off my electricity. I immediately went looking for my check duplicate because I knew I had paid the bill. (:
After calling the bank the check had not cleared. I thought maybe someone had taken them out of my mailbox. The same day I had wrote another bill for the satellite co. also so I knew

something was up, we received a bill for this a couple days later.

A few weeks later I did find these two bills, hidden under a pile of material I had purchased and placed on my kitchen table/sewing room. SHeeeeesh, did I hate to admit this to hubby. He had already teased me about loosing my mind and misplacing things. (:
I was SO sure they had been taken from my mailbox or lost in the mail.
Boy, did I feel silly and relieved.

Below is the picture of the Log Cabin quilt I am hand stitching. I am very new to hand stitching since most of my quilts are machine quilted so it is coming together very slowly.
I wanted to be able to say I did one by hand I guess. Mostly sentimental since my grandmother did hand stitching.


Linda said...

Drucilla I wanted to answer the question you left on my blog. I can't email it to you as you have got your email set at no reply, so if you don't mind I'll do it here.My first suggestion would be start slowly, buy only fabric that you really want and watch out for the quality. You'll find a huge difference in fabrics between quilting stores and Walmart and Joann's, try and avoid the two latter if you can. There are many online stores who have sales, if you subscribe to their email updates or get their catalogues you'll be able to keep an eye out for those sales. There's lots of other suggestions, so if you like to email me privately I'll try to help where I can.
By the way I love your flag quilt and the log cabin is going to be wonderful, all hand stitched, by gosh I take my hat off to you, now that's patience.

Jeanne said...

I couldn't reply either. If you change your profile to enable emails, it would be easier to answer your questions.
You know people keep saying that, but I feel like I'm goofing off way too much. Maybe I
need to keep a list. VBG

When I started quilting (in the land before time) I would buy fabrics because I liked them
with no thought of how to use them. I took many classes where the different teachers would say, you need a lot of background fabrics (I bought backgrounds) or you need a
lot of plaids (I bought plaids), etc. I love scrappy quilts, so I wanted a lot of choices. Then I took a class from someone who said your fabric stash is like an artist's palette. You need lots of different colors and prints to make your quilts interesting. I still agree with a lot of that advice, BUT.... there are only so many days in a year. I will NEVER in my lifetime use what I have accumulated so far. And they keep making more fabrics even prettier than the ones before them! If I was starting over, I would mostly buy what I needed for a project and not keep such a huge stash.

If you come across a really good sale, buy yardage for backings. Buy good quality fabric! If you want to cut borders on the straight of grain, you need at least two yards for a throw quilt.

And that is my 2 cents. :-)

Jeanne said...

Glad you got your bill situation straightened out. I often put things in a 'safe' place and then forget where that place was. LOL I blame it on CRS disease. (Can't remember stuff)

Jeanne said...

Okay, this is the last comment on this post for me...I forgot to tell you how cute your flag quilt is and to have fun quilting your log cabin.

Bren said...

Oh yes, Sweetie, you need an e-mail for your blog. You can set up a seperate one somewhere and use that so your real e-mail stays private. Also you can set it up where all your comments get e-mailed to you so you are not always checking your blog. I started out "no reply" also and quickly learned it is annoying to other bloggers (mainly quilters as we like to chat back and forth).
Your Log Cabin is wonderful and you will not regret having done the stitching by hand! I love your little flag. I think I have the same book! Hmmm, I will need to check that out.

Marilyn R said...

Welcome to Blog Land! I am pretty new at blogging to and think it is just wonderful! I love your log cabin quilt that you are handquilting. My Grandmother taught me how to hand quilt, so I think of her often when I am hand quilting. Sweet memories. I too have misplaced bills - Yikes! One time I found the state tax payment in the car a few weeks after it was due! I am lucky to have an understand husband! He didn't give me a hard time mainly because they owed us money and they didn't care that it was late in getting to them. Whew!

CONNIE W said...

I made that same little flag quilt and it was a fun project. And I'm also hand piecing one quilt which is very s-l-o-w project. Once I get it pieced I will hand quilt it in a hoop. One more thing, too, I have misplaced things more times than I want to think about - I'd guess most of us have been there.
Keep Stitchin'!

Mel said...

Welcome to blogland I am a newbie too. I can definately relate to your electric bill dilema. That happened to me as well a couple of years ago. I found my bill between the counter and the refrigerator though. Your log cabin quilt is beautiful. I'm working on one as well. Not hand quilteding it, machine.