Friday, April 11, 2008

Nature Walk

Nature Walk

The temperatures have been in the high 70's and low 80's the past few days and we are enjoying it so very much. Weather reports indicate a drastic change over the weekend, maybe even snow! Yikes! We have our neat little nature finds to remind us of sunny days ahead! We have been studying Fungi in Science and trying to find examples outside around the trees and woods. Too early for the mushrooms which we were looking for so we settled for these little bits of nature.
The end of our school year is near and we are looking forward to a relaxing summer break. Some of our adventures include: camping, missions trip, spending time with friends, family, and time to get caught up on sewing, rubber stamping and scrapbooking.

The beauty and smell of Spring is in the air. The trees are budding on our little crab apple tree and my neighbors lilac bush and it smells soooooo good when you're outside. Oh, how I love spring. I'm a little whimpy and stay inside in the air conditioning way too much in the hot summer days but I love being outside during spring!

We are off to the grocery store this evening and I hope to stop along the way to pick up a little fabric for the cutest tote I plan to make this weekend! Hope to have pictures soon.


CONNIE W said...

Lilacs and crabapples are two of my favorite spring sights & smells. I am a summer wimp too and hang around the A/C.

Denise C said...

OOOOOO!!! I can just smell the Lilacs!!! What a fun walk you had!!! Miss you and Allie!!! Looking forward to our movie day this week!!!
Love you sweet friend!

Anonymous said...
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