Friday, April 25, 2008

Sewing and Picnics

We've had such fun today sewing! The kids have enjoyed this neat little project. First, I was inspired by Amanda Soule on her blog to have the kids make a drawing, preferably nature, and then trace onto fabric. They chose birds, after skimming through our favorite magazine, Nature Friend. O.K. then they stitched over the tracing. We added a border and it is amazingly beautiful!! Here are some pictures of the magazines and books we were searching through, along with a few of the kids working on their stitching.
Tomorrow I will post the pictures, we have a few last minute stitches to go!

Yesterday our Homeschool group met at the park for a picnic. The kids had a wonderful time playing kickball, tennis, shooting water guns, and some of them were brave enough to examine and disect this creature from the creek. Yikes!!!!


Denise C said...

Oh my!!! Now just look at what I missed!!!! Great pics...and thanks for all you did to make this such an awesome end of year picnic/field day for our kiddos!!! You are such a blessings...and I am deeply thankful for your friendship!!!
Love you bunches and bunches!!!

Anonymous said...
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