Thursday, December 18, 2008

Countdown till Christmas


With only a few more days till Christmas.........
we have so much we want to do!!

I did find time to stitch this little pillow to decorate our home for

Our Country Theme Christmas Tree with a few handmade ornaments
and store bought ornaments made to look homemade

Here the kids are making sugar cookies and decorating

Gingerbread House made with friends


Tammy said...

Your tree looks beautiful! :-) Your young adults look like they are having fun too. The gingerbread house is too cute! Merry Christmas!

Denise C said...

Beautiful stitching!!! You are so talented! I always love to see what you are making!!!

Did Jordan do the dishes after that cookie making event??? hee-hee!

I hope you all have a most blessed Christmas! We love all of you!!!

Anonymous said...

Someday I really ought to try making a gingerbread house, they are so cute. But so much work. I'm one of those cooks / bakers who likes to get in and out of the kitchen too quickly to probably ever get one made. Yours is so cute.