Friday, March 27, 2009

What's a Jelly Roll?

We have been busy as ever. Our latest project is a bathroom makeover. The past couple of days I've been ripping down wallpaper and will paint as soon as it's down. It's coming down, slowly but surely. I'm using fabric softener to dampen the paper and a putty knife to scrape off that nasty second layer! Uggghhhh!!!!
Hubby is making a new vanity and we have a lovely new top and sink in black and white just waiting to be installed. Before and after pictures would be nice if I can make time to post them.

Now on to thoughts of sewing. I found a great post with information that will be helpful to my friends who are just beginning to quilt. I've been quilting for several years but just recently learned what a jelly roll is myself! Hope you enjoy this over at Simplify. Camille shares some great thoughts and photos on jelly rolls, layer cakes, and much more. Just scroll down a few posts after arriving there.
Have a great weekend!!

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