Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Candy Traditions

Making Christmas Candy has been a tradition in our family for many years. My grandmother was a wonderful cook and loved to bake so Christmas was a very special time for making candy and special foods like her Holiday Fruit Cake, which I don't have the recipe.She spent weeks gathering the ingredients for this cake and when it was made it was placed in Cheese Cloth and hidden! Yes, she made several and hid them till Christmas! LOL!
One of the things I remember very well was making chocolate peanut butter balls with my grandma, mom, aunt, and anyone else who wanted to join in. We have continued the tradition each year with my own girls and they look forward to making candy and spending time in the kitchen, especially those famous peanut butter balls.
Let me encourage you to take time to make something special with your children during the busy holidays. The memories we have are precious and dear to our hearts, these times are so special to all of us.
My mother-n-law has her own traditions with my girls. When they were younger they made sugar cookies every year and decorated them, cookie cutter ornaments for the tree, decorating the tree, and now for the past few years they have made a candy called White Trash. We call it Mamaw's White Trash Candy. I would like to share the recipe with you. It taste's much better than it sounds!!

White Trash Candy

1 stick margarine
1- 12 oz. pkg. milk chocolate semi-sweets
2 cups peanut butter
Melt together and add:
13 oz. pkg. Golden Graham cereal
1 box raisins (we use less)
3 cups mixed nuts

Take 2 brown grocery bags (or a LARGE container with tight fitting lid) and put 1 box powdered sugar into the bags. Then put mixture into bags. Fold twice at top and shake until the mixture is well covered. Put in bowl and refrigerate.

*This makes a large batch, you may want to half it.

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