Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Love that Bag

 I can see from browsing many quilt blogs that I am not alone in my love for quilt magazines. I love to look through them but I will not usually spend the money to purchase unless there are at least three things I think I may make. The latest issue of Quilt has many patterns that I would love to add to my growing "To Do" list for quilting. However, the Daytripper bag was the one that caught my eye and I knew it would be the first one I made.

My friend Sarah and I have tried to get together at least once a month to work on sewing/quilting projects. Sarah is new to quilting but has been sewing for quite a long time. Needless to say, she is very good. Quite the seamstress.
She is so excited about quilting and reminds me of myself when I first started.
Yesterday we embarked upon our newest project, the Daytripper bag!

 Here we have our fabric cut and ready to begin

OK, the pictures are out of order....Cutting the pieces.

 Quilting the pieces before sewing.

 Having a little tea while I sew today by myself.

 My daughter's newest project, isn't it pretty?

This is Wonky Log Cabin blocks I made combined with some stitchery ...
which made a nice wall
hanging for my bedroom.


Nezzy said...

Just beautiful, sweetie. This Ozarks farm chick is with ya all the way, I'm lovin' the bag too!!!

God bless and have a glorious weekend from the hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!!

Karens Hopes said...

I love to combine stitchery with quilting you did a great job.