Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm back......finally

Wow, it sure has been a while since I've posted here. Our family has experienced sickness and the death of my grandmother and stepfather over the past few weeks.
My grandmother was 87 years old and ready to go home.
My stepfather was diagnosed with stage four pancriatic cancer the first of June. We were amazed how fast his health declined and finally God was gracious and took him home.
Amazing how fast the summer has flown by since we have been so busy with helping care for our family members. I have done absolutely no sewing since I haven't been home very much lately. Barely enough time to harvest our small garden of squash, green beans, tomatoes and sweet potatoes. I canned tomatoes yesterday and picked a few beans last night.
God has been with us and given us strength and grace the last few weeks. We have been able to show His love during this sad time.
I'm looking forward to spending more time at home and doing a bit of quilting soon.
Look forward to visiting your blog.

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Misty said...

I am sorry to hear about the deaths in your family. I hope you get rested up. I am sure that you are tired. I am canning tomatoes today.I can't believe how fast the summer is going by. Miss you.
Love and prayers!