Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Books

I received two new books in the same week! We've already begun reading The Civil War Diary Quilt and love the wonderful diary entries. I have never quilted by paper piecing and wish anyone who has advice for a beginner could help me out. I first learned to piece only by machine so I haven't started any of the gorgeous blocks.
The other book is A Seeking Heart by Alicia Williamson and Sarah Groves. I posted previously about the wonderful Women's Retreat I attended and heard Alicia speak on Worship. This is the book I ordered and I can't wait to begin!

Little Surprises!!I received an early birthday present from my sweet friend Denise! A Worship CD by Hillsong, matching notepad and cards, magnet, Quilters Calendar, and a lovely book that I forgot to place in the picture since I left it on the end table after reading from it.
THANK YOU my friend!! See, it's not so bad turning......41!! LOL! She also surprised me with a yummy cookie cake adorned with three little candles at our Homeschool Mom's Meeting last night. How sweet of you!
Have a Blessed Day my friends!!

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Linda said...

What a lovely birthday parcel you received from your friend. I love Reuben Morgan, he came and spoke to our church several years ago, when I was still living in Australia, and also sang of course. He certainly knows how to take you into the presence of the Lord.
On to your paper piecing. Here's my suggestions for you. Make a template of a simple block onto lightweight interfacing, being careful to trace acurately. The side that has the tracing on is the side you stitch on. Start by placing #1 piece of fabric on the #1 placement, allowing at least 1/4 inch all the way around. Cut your #2 piece of fabric so that it also has 1/4 inch all the way around the edge (past the traced line). Pin #2 with the right side against the right side of #1. Hold it up to the light to make sure you have enough seam alowance all the way around the edges. Using a smaller stitch length, stitch on the first line starting a few stitches prior to the start of the line and finishing a few stitches past the end of the line. Turn to the right side and press. I know this sounds hard, would be so much easier if I was in front of you, showing you.
If that's too confusing go here: http://quilterscache.com/StartQuiltingPages/startquiltingthree.html