Sunday, October 5, 2008

Enjoying the weekend

Weekend Fun

First, let me say how much I'm enjoying this wonderful weather we are having here in East TN!! Gorgeous sunny days and cool evenings! Oh, how I wish it would last just a little longer.
Looking forward to those beautiful colors just outside our window overlooking the mountains.

Saturday was a very busy day with a little house cleaning early and then lunch with family, and then on to the quilt show here in our town with my grandma. She doesn't quilt but she enjoyed looking as much as I did. I was so busy I forgot to take my camera to get pictures of all those gorgeous quilts. Oh, I get so excited as I look at all the patterns, colors, hand quilted, machine quilted, etc. I'm fascinated because I know how much time it takes to complete a quilt.
I could have stayed much longer but I had a youth board meeting at the church and from there we joined the church for a hay ride to the lake for hotdogs and roasted marshmallows.
Everyone had such a great time, young and old!
Thank you Lord for such sweet fellowship!

Then, believe it or not we swung by the grocery store for groceries. By this time I'm draggin just a bit. Oh, but when we arrived home I was soon revived by the many teenagers who had gathered at our house to watch a movie and eat ice cream. They had rearranged the furniture to fit everyone in. He he!
So happy to hear the laughter and joyful screams as they hooped and hollared.
We were happy to have every last one of them! Several of the girls even stayed for a sleep I think they had a busy day too, I didn't hear a peep out of them after midnight.

Just a note to say how much fun I'm having visiting all the great blogs who have signed up for my Fall Giveaway! I promise to read each comment and take a look at each blog! It's great meeting so many wonderful ladies!! Thank you all for your sweet comments!

Looking forward to a great week!


Coleen said...

Thank you for organizing this. It is so much fun to visit other blogs that you didn't know existed. I spent all day yesterday at it when I should have been working. I had a great time.

Cake and Cam said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. I love the way you write about your outings...makes me feel like I am right there. Cake wanted to go to the quilt show but we missed it, maybe we can do the next event there.

Cake and Cam said...

Forgot to got a lot of comments on your giveaway - good job!!!

Sandi said...

Wow! such a busy weekend - sounds like so much fun.

Denise C said...

OH guys did have a full weekend!!! And how sweet that you took your grandmother to the quilt show! I know that held many precious moments for the two of you!!!!
Family times are so precious!!
Oh dear....teenagers...all over the place...I KNOW they had a great time at you home!!! And..I'll just bet that Eddie taught them how to pour milk over their ice-cream!!! hee-hee!!!