Thursday, January 24, 2008

Paper Crafts/Rubber stamping

I love to make paper crafts such as cards, notebook covers, scrapbook pages, etc. and usually throw in my love for rubber stamping while I'm at it.

I came across a neat blog yesterday that I would like to share with you. She has a gorgeous notebook with cloth strips made for tabs. I got to work and using scraps of my fabric made a few tabs for a notebook journal I use quite often.

Home Sweet Home Inspiration is where you can find this cute idea, along with the website where it originated.

I love using notebooks for journaling, schooling, recipes, and much more. I first learned about the notebooks from Tiany's blog, which is one of my favorite blogs. My Home Journal Notebook is where I keep all the important things I need to remember. It's very important for me that they be kept in one place because I actually forget where I put things????Any of you relate to this?

Anyway, I designed my notebook cover like I would a scrapbook page, with rubber stamped title, cute papers, and some ribbon.

Using pages I designed as dividers, along with cute ones I found at the Dollar store, you can put it all together in the order or fashion that suits you

Mine has dividers with the following: calendar, menus, schedules, homeschooling group info., homeschooling ideas, etc.

I made one for my Recipes and inserted a favorite recipe on the front cover. I was forever searching for that special recipe when I needed it. No more! It sits on my kitchen counter waiting patiently.

Thought I'd share a couple of my favorite pocketbooks. I love making pocketbooks and bags!! I like buying them too!


Bren said...

Love your home journal! Your bags are wonderful. I love bags too, but am not gifted at making them.

Tilde said...
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Tilde said...

You asked for some applique tips. They are posted on January 27th on my blog :-)