Thursday, January 17, 2008

Redwork 2008 Stitchery

Capricorn Quilts has a BOM for 2008 and I'm so excited to start. I used the instructions on Bren's blog to transfer the pattern to muslin and it worked great. I am using red thread because I love the REDWORK and have been reading about this for a few weeks after seeing some beautiful REDWORK on some of the blogs I've visited. I looked in some of the quilt shops in our area and none of them sell the patterns for redwork so I was so excited to see she is offering this pattern free for the BOM.

This is a picture from QUILT Magazine.

For quite some time I've wanted to make both my girls quilts. I've been looking for just the right pattern so it isn't so difficult that I may actually finish the quilt before they move out. A few days ago I picked up the latest copy of the QUILT Magazine and came home to look over all the gorgeous quilts displayed. Flowers from the Heart is the name of the quilt pattern and it looks fairly easy except that I have never done applique with quilting and I'm not sure which applique stitch to use. I would love to do the invisible stitch where the seams are turned under but this looks tricky. I decided to practice using Heat and Bond and then using a handstitch around the edges. Not too pretty....I need practice.
I am definitely open for tips on applique stitching if anyone would like to help me out!


Bren said...

Your redwork looks gorgeous!! I love the look of redwork, but I don't like doing it...I get bored. I need the color.
I really like the quilt...I need to go get that issue!
Needleturn/freezer paper method. I love it!!!

Denise C said...

You are so talented!!! I love seeing your work! Chelsi's looking forward to this weekend!
Blessings to you my friend!!!

Anne Ida said...

Your stitching of Bea's first block looks great!!! Love to see all the different interpretations of the pattern :o)

Appliqué? My philosophy is "simpler the better" - meaning my favorite method is needleturn, just draw the stitching line on the right side of the fabric, use the needle to tuck under the seam allowance as you stitch (using cotton or silk thread) the motif down. I use the smallest safety pins to hold my pieces in place as I stitch - i know many use glue, but I'm no fan of glue on my quilts.

Just practice and try different methods, and you'll find what is best for you!

Have fun!