Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wonky Log Cabin

OK, so I am rested up and ready to begin a new week. The long weekend was truly needed! Yesterday I washed clothes, sewed between loads and just had a very relaxing day!
I'm so glad I was able to enjoy a day at home because this week looks pretty busy already as I look over my calendar.

My oldest daughter and I are taking a cake decorating class together. What fun we are having! So much laughing I think the teacher thinks we are a bit crazy! Last week she was so busy that I ended up making both cakes and 3 batches of icing for our class on Saturday! WHew, I was tired before we got there. We've both learned so much from the class and look forward to each Saturday.
I hope to post some pictures of our cakes soon. We had such a mess and were in such a hurry I forgot to take pictures during class.

Now, I want to share a wonderful tutorial with you! I came across the neatest blog, Quilt Dad, and love his tutorial on Wonky Log Cabin Blocks! I actually learned how to make these blocks a few months ago and have some blocks that are just waiting to be made into something useful. I think I love these blocks so much because they are so improvisational! OOOOHHHH, what a big word! Yeah, they are easy as pie! I really like working outside the lines, go against the grain, etc. That would be what makes these little cuties so fun! Take a look at his very visual step-by-step tutorial.

Enjoy Your Day!

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