Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Let the quilting begin.......

February BOM (Capricorn Quilts)

Two projects completed, I'm so excited! I love doing the hand stitching on the Block of the Month project. I've seen some gorgeous patterns out there that I am looking forward to starting soon.
Like the ones Natalie has at Cinderberry Stitches. She even has a list of places you can order those gorgeous patterns listed on her sidebar! Yikes, and I have a birthday coming up!! Yahoo!
Auntie's Quaint Quilts also has patterns she has posted from her recent trip at a quilting convention.
This is the quilt I've been working on for my daughter. We actually worked together on pinning the backing and batting together so it's ready to be quilted. I will be stippling and for some reason this makes me a little nervous. In my experience stippling is fun on a little project but a bit overwhelming on bigger quilts. I get tense and my back hurts! LOL! I'm thinking of random swirls, any suggestions??
It's snowy and cold here today, low twenties with high winds. Burrrrrrr!!


Denise C said...

They are both beautiful! You are so talented and I love how you are sharing this art with your girls! They are blessed to call you Mom!

Hope your daddy is progressing well...we are lifting all of you faithfully in prayer!

Take care and I hope we can get together soon!!! We are all finally healthy here! (oh dear I shouldn't have said it! hee-hee)

Love you,

Christine said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Always nice to hear from someone new. Glad you liked the photos of the quilt convention. I'll be posting some more over the weekend. Happy stitching.