Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Log Cabin Complete

This is the blue Log Cabin quilt I finished a couple of weeks ago. I took it to my dad yesterday, a gift for him. I was working on it at his house while he was recouperating from heart surgery and he asked me if this one had his name on it? How could I say no? My bedroom is blue and I had planned on using it but I'd rather it be snuggled up with my dad for now.

We started our new unit for school and this is a picture of the book we are using. The reading is a bit harder than other books we've been using so it's taking a little longer to read the chapters. Since my daughter is a very good reader she is doing most of the reading.

We are home tonight and I must go and start dinner, looks like it will be chicken and dumplings tonight.


Linda said...

Oh my, your quilt is just beautiful, and what a lovely gift for your dad.

Denise C said...

That is so pretty Tina! You are very talented!!! Hope your daddy is continuing to do well and heal. We are keeping him in our prayers.
Chelsi is feeling better....but still very fatigued.... they say that is part of this bad bug.
I know she's sick when she lays o=in bed or on the couch for days..... you know my busy girl...not still one minute!
I miss seeing you...and I don't think we'll get to come to Keepers tomorrow Chelsi has band from 2-3:30pm in we'll try to plan to get together next week one day....Chelsi is missing Allie and I'm missing you!!!

Cake and Cam said...


Beautiful quilt, if life ever gets back to normal I would still like for the girls to do some sewing with you. At the rate we are going it might be summer though.
Glad to hear your Dad is doing better. Talked to Debbie, Caleb is doing better, Chelsi is on the mend and so is Cameron. Hopefully all will be well soon. We did not even go out to eat tonight as I was afraid Cam would catch something new!!!
See you soon...