Saturday, February 16, 2008

Stitching and Waiting

Wishing all my blogging friends a Happy Valentine's Day a little late! This is a picture of a little wall hanging I made from scraps. I adore the Log Cabin block since this was the very first block I learned to make when my friend Becky introduced me to quilting many years ago.
Below the wall hanging is a beautiful walking stick hand made for me by my brother in law. He has recently taken up wood carving and is making some beautiful pieces of art. I will post some of his work soon. We enjoy camping and hiking when we camp so I will be using this a lot.

Upon returning to the doctor for my dad's checkup he was admitted to the hospital for a bit of surgery on the wound where the stints were placed during the initial surgery. The area wasn't healing properly and they thought it best to clean out the incision and place a wound vac on the area for a few weeks.
My sister, grandmother, and I spent most of the day waiting together in the hospital. I took the opportunity to gather my little bag with thread, scissors, needle, and my BOM pattern for February before heading out the door. I just can't sit very long and would pace the halls so I didn't complete the pattern but did get a good start. Hope to get it finished today.
Hopefully I can work on the quilt blocks for my daughters quilt today. Dad is coming home and I will be fixing dinner for him this evening so I have a good portion of the day to spend at home.Yeah! I look forward to stippling this little quilt before too long! I am adding one more row to make it bigger so I'm piecing a few scraps to make the blocks. Having so much fun piecing this little darling!
Well, I'm off to start a few loads of laundry today while I'm home.


Anonymous said...
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randi---i have to say said...

Hi there,

I managed to find your blog and I added you to my bloglines. (There is an "S" missing in the link you left).

It sounds like your dad is getting better and I am glad for that. Enjoy your day!