Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Love for Learning

"O Lord, you preserve man and beast."
Psalm 36:6

During our school lessons today we read from the amazing magazine, Creation Illustrated.
My daughter was so interested in the article we were reading about bamboo, found in the 2007 Fall Issue, that she picked up a few other volumes and began to read other stories. As I was doing the dished she began to read out loud to me about Mongolian equines, or Prezewalski horses.
Mongolia, a country in Central Asia about half the size of Alaska, was once home to these horses. They were forced from their homeland by goat herders and farmers since they were a threat to the sheep and goats. Now, preservationists have created a safe haven for the creatures in parks where the Prezewalski can run wild and avoid extinction from God's creation.
In 1977, the Foundation for the Preservation and Protection of the Prezewalski Horse was founded in the Netherlands, and an exchange program among zoos and parks began in order to avoid inbreeding of the fragile Prezewalski populations.
Not only did she learn about the animals, but she began to delve into maps to find where Mongolia was located, as well as Cumberland, Ohio, where almost 10,000 acres of meadows and hills surrounding 110 lakes became a new home for some Prezewalski horses.

When we first began to home school my goal was to teach my children a "love for learning."
Today, as well as many days when I see this desire to learn, my heart is so thankful that the Lord opened doors for us to homeschool. Unlike the facts that sometimes we read and memorize in a textbook, she will always remember this information she learned today because she was investigating and learning about something she was truly interested in. Most of all, she learned how the Lord's creation is so amazing!!
So, she went on to write a one page report on all the information she found. I might mention that this all took place after we had finished our lessons for the day.
From that little study she got in quite a bit of school. Writing, reading, geography, spelling, history, and creation science. Not too bad when she was just "having fun."

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Cake and Cam said...

Hey Girl...
It is just because you have an exceptional daughter that has an exceptional teacher! Miss you all, but we are having fun! Got a bit burned at the pool today but I actually got a few chapters in a book read.
Talk to you all soon...