Sunday, September 14, 2008

worksheets for organization

Finding time this afternoon to de-clutter part of the schoolroom to prepare for our week.
Books, papers, pencils, charts, flashcards,etc. With only a very small space for our school supplies it's very important for my own sanity that I keep our little room organized. Everything in it's place. So, my goal is to plan our week and keep track of everything we are doing, supplies we will need, meal plans, activities, etc. This helps keep me on track and in doing so helps me have a "servant heart" for my family instead of what I call a "slaves heart," which is what happens when I'm stressed, unorganized, cluttered, and just plain behind in everything.

In journaling our activities for the week and writing down dates I came across a really neat website I'd like to share. Take a look at if you would like to have access to some great worksheets, calendars, etc. There are many categories including, handwriting, calendars, English, Math, mazes, and puzzles.

Gotta run, we are off to church. Our youth are presenting a skit at a neighbor church. Yahoo, we are excited. Sharing the LOVE of JESUS!!


Denise C said...

Ok...since you are finished cleaning out your room...will come and clean out my entire mess of a home!!! hee-hee!
Thanks for the website link...I am going to check that out!
Loved Allie's drawing of the morning glory in your previous post...she's one talented girl....and what a neat story about those wild horses....great teaching Mom!!!!
Missed you guys!!!
Hugs and love,

Sandi said...

Thankyou for the lovely comment on my blog. Of course you may add me to your favourites list :)
Homeschooling must keep you very busy.(and organised) We have two boys. Our youngest David (18), finished school last year and is studying Avionics at the Queensland Institute of Aviation Engineering, and our eldest Matthew (23), is a firefighter for Queensland Fire & Rescue.
I love the photos of the garden flowers and the butterflies, oh and your lovely family :)
Well, I had better go and check on the little duckies and put them in their pen, as it is starting to get a bit cool now.
Take care,
Sandi x