Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Morning Walk

My daughter added this drawing of the Habiscus to her notebook.

I am alone with nature,
With the soft September day;
The lifting hills above me,
With the goldenrod are gay.

Across the fields of ether
Flit butterflies at play;

And cones of garnet sumac
Glow down the country way.

The autumn dandelion
Beside the roadway burns;
Above the lichened boulders
Quiver the plumed ferns.
The cream-white silk of the milkweed
Floats from its sea-green pod;

From out the mossy rock-seams
Flashes the goldenrod.

-Mary Clemmer Ames

Today was a perfect day to take a walk around and enjoy the outdoors. My, what you can find when you take the time to look. We took a little walk around the house with our camera and this is what we found.


Tammy said...

Love the new blog! I know what you mean about homeschool blogger. It isn't easy to change things etc. I will be changing your url in my friend list.

Love the pictures!! :-)
Tammy (momto5)

Jenn4him said...

Beautiful drawing! I love the swallowtails.

Jacquelynne said...

You have a very talented daughter! My daughter is 13 and is very creative. She oftentimes amazes me with her talents (gush)- I'm sure you feel the same pride about your daughter...