Monday, September 22, 2008

This is Me!

I love to post pictures on my blog and enjoy seeing them on other blogs but I really don't like pictures of myself. I love taking pictures of my family and staying behind the camera!
However, I couldn't resist playing along with Randi at i have to say for her Monday's This is Me!
Here I am, doing what I enjoy the most, sewing.

Now, on to more important things......
This is what I really like to photograph!!
My girl playing soccer!!


Anonymous said...

Hi! So nice to "meet" you.

Great to see you at your sewing machine! I also enjoy sewing, but I'm not doing very much of that lately.

The soccer photos are super, too.


randi---i have to say said...

I am not surprised to find you quilting!

You have such pretty blue eyes! The 2nd picture really shows them off!

My Inspired Heart said...

Hi! Nice to "meet" you! Your photos are beautiful...and I agree with Randi, you have lovely blue eyes :)

And, for your embroidery question...I'd say the simplest way to keep things straight is to use smaller stitches and go slow. I can usually handle the smaller stitches, but the 'go slow' part can be my biggest hurdle, lol!

~Bren~ said...

You are a cutie!!!! I love the soccor pics too!

Anonymous said...

Even though it has been said before - you have beautiful eyes. They popped right out and grabbed my attention. Your sweet smile was right behind.

I'm glad you braved the other side of the camera. I am not there yet!